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MyTarget - is the biggest by coverage advertising platform in the Russian-speaking Internet. However, MyTarget is still undervalued by advertisers. It's auction bids are significantly lower than the ones in Google Adwords or Yandex.Direct.

AdWords — is the biggest advertising platform worldwide. It's display network is the biggest banner network and allows to reach vast ads coverage. Gilmark team helps you to develop the best Adwords strategy for your business. once had a reputation of a "youngsters social network". Meanwhile, 10 years passed and students got jobs, mortgages and families. is the first social network in the Russian-speaking Internet outrunning Facebook in coverage.

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Targeting ads
with leads/calls paying model (cost per acquisition or CPA).

Targeting ads is a digitam marketing instrument which allows advertiser to create the most personalized ads and reach numerous tiniest client segments with personalized message. You can target your potential customers by gender, age, long-term interests, locations and some other parameters which allow you to create ads the most interesting for your customers. Gilmark team specializes in targeting ads and reaches maximum results using it.

Budget starting from 2,000$
Campaign length starting from 2 months
Thus you will help us make a better offer.

Social media and email marketing

Email marketing and SMM allow you to build long-term customer relationships which impacts your revenue. Gilmark team can help you build such customer relationships.

Analytical system implementation

Marketers often have no instruments to gauge relation between marketing expences and revenue while running digital marketing campaigns. Managers don't understand which traffic source has brought them customers. Analytical system allows to track how much revenue each marketing channel has contributed to an overall profit.

Increasing conversion rate of a landing-page / website / online-shop

We enjoy increasing conversion rate projects and it's our strong side. We price this service only when actual result is reached.

Digital-marketing audit.

Find answers for sore points.

Do your marketing channels work effectively? Which key indicators should be paid attention to? How do you get more leads and pay less for them?

Information will not be shared with any third party.

Website, online shop or landing-page audit

GIlmark team offers audit of your pages to help you increase conversion rate and remove technical issues. Website and Google Analytics (or other web-analytical system) accesses are required. Website audit takes 3 days to complete. Also we can send you our checklists to pass the audit for free.

Budget flexible
Period at least 3 months

Digital marketing campaign audit

You always can increase effectiveness of your digital-marketing campaigns even if they perform well. Gilmark team offers audit of your digital campaigns in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, MyTarget, and Yandex.Direct. Whole process takes 3-5 work days. You can also have free audit of your campaigns using our checklists.

Budget flexible
Period at least 3 months

Customer stories.

31 new shops opened in December 2016

Zifa - bijouterie shops franchise network.

Zifa has been working with Gilmark since August 2016. Since then the net has been growing fast - Zifa opened 31 new shops in december only. 80% of these new franchise shops were opened via targeting ads marketing channels.

60 rubber-tile productions opened.

Artprimeindustria - rubber tile production franchise network.

Artprimeindustria has been working with Gilmark since 2014 when the company was founded. Since then more than 60 rubber-tile productions have been opened and more than 100,000 square meters of rubber tile have been sold. We used MyTarget,, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct to achieve this result.

Petroleum product supply volume - more than 3000 tons per month.

M-7 - petroleum products wholesale provider.

Gilmark team has been working with M-7 since early 2015. Petroleum product supply volume for clients who came from digital-marketing channels - more than 3000 tons per month. We use MyTarget, Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords in this project.

2017, 11 january. 614 incoming client calls.

Mir inkubatorov - online shop of egg incubators.

Online shop "Mir Inkubatorov" is growing fast. The shop uses SEO, Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords, MyTarget, to promote. We can not disclose quantative metrics of their success but we can share one of the achieved results: on 11 january 2017 they received 614 incoming client calls.

30 new shops opened.

Gentlz - men's accessories shops franchise network.

Gentlz network has been working with Gilmark agency since 2015. During this time Gentlz has grown to 30 shops network, most of which were engaged via internet-marketing channels (targeting and contextual marketing channels) of Gilmark. We used, MyTarget, Facebook, Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct to promote Gentlz.

27 barbershops opened.

Big-Bro - barbershop franchise network.

Big-Bro barbershop franchise network has been working with Gilmark agency since 2014. During this time 27 successfully working barbershops have been opened via targeting ads marketing channels. The network continues to grow. We used MyTarget and to promote Big Bro.

Beyond targeting

Landing-page / website / online shop development with guaranteed higher conversion than your current one.

We create Landing-page from scratch (HTML) and using constructors. Key performance indicator which we pursue is conversion rate. After launching the website and ads campaigns we optimize Landing-page to get maximum conversion.

Find out which website conversion Gilmark team can offer you.

Information will not be shared with any third party.

Setting up Google Analytics and other analytical systems

Launching digital marketing campaign without using analytical instruments is not effective. We'll help you install web analytical system and use 100% of its opportunities. We'll organize goal actions tracking and create personalized reports for monitoring key indicators of your advertisement.

Mobile app development

We develop mobile apps for iOs and Android. We offer app developing both from scratch and using templates.

CRM development from scratch

CRMs out of the box offer general solutions which fit companies in general but at the same time don't fit anyone. If you have an issue choosing CRM which would fit you perfectly we can create one from scratch.

Messenger bots

Messenger bot allows your customers to order products right through their favorite messenger. Messenger bot will fit your business if you manage cafe, restaurant, barbershop or food delivery service. We create bots for Facebook messenger, Telegram, WeChat, Whatsapp.